Employment contracts both create and eliminate legal rights. Tava Employment Law has broad experience reviewing, drafting, and negotiating employment contracts on behalf of both employers and employees. Contracts touch almost every aspect of daily life and employment is no exception.


Employment Contract Review & Negotiation

For employees, we can help you understand the agreement you are being asked to sign, the risks and potential rewards being offered to you, provide suggestions for changes, and discuss negotiation tactics that might help improve your position.

For employers, we assist with drafting and negotiating agreements governing compensation, commissions, stock options, non-disclosure and confidentiality, trade secrets, change in control, and more.

Tava Employment Law can assist with many work-related agreements, such as:

  • Severance or separation agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Non-disclosure (NDA) and confidentiality agreements
  • Trade secret protections
  • Commission agreements
  • Stock option agreements
  • Offer letters
  • Physician employment and partnership agreements
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Settlement agreements and waiver of claims

When employment contracts are broken, Tava Employment Law can help litigate breach of contract claims in state and federal court.

Every case is different. Please reach out to us to us if you need assistance reviewing and understanding a contract.

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Practice Areas

Tava Employment Law specializes in work-related legal issues, such as employment contracts, discrimination and retaliation, accommodation and leave disputes, whistleblower protections, wrongful termination, hiring and severance negotiations, executive compensation agreements, and wage and hour matters. We have extensive advising and litigation experience.

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